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Monday, 16 October 2017

Goth City Festival - The event

Super happy to update my blog by talking about the wonderful events organised in Leeds by the Goth City Promotions crew. First and foremost I would like to express my gratitude to Joel Heyes  for all of his hard work in putting the event together, gathering so many volunteers and basically making Leeds the true capital of Goth! And of course, also, for being so kind to invite me to trade at the event (no words can really describe how thankful I am!!).

Goth band Gothzilla playing a set during one of the Goth City events.

Overall the was an amazing afternoon, and I also had an assistant (thank you Julie!!) to help me manning the stand whilst drinking a copious amount of tea and eating cakes.

At the event I also met one of the representatives of PAFRAS the charity organisation to which the Goth City festival donates profits (such a nobble gesture). I was really touched to see this image being twittered the day after, and discover that their office's wall is now covered with my prints! Please have a look at the charity page, they are supporting a really good cause and do a lot of good work.

Thank you again Goth City Promotions!!

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Goth City Festival 2017 - Aura Painting!

It is with my great pleasure to announce my participation to this year's Goth City Festivals in Leeds, UK! I am absolutely thrilled to be part of this delight of true Gothness.

The festival is a wonderful series of events scattered across the city organised by Goth City Promotions, ranging from concerts, artist stalls, poetry reading, ghost storytelling, talks and so for.
Profits go to charity so if you are locally based, please do not hesitate to check this out, it is for a good cause! The festival will take place in Leeds from 5 to 22 October 2017.

As for previous events, I will be selling prints as well as doing aura painting sketches on the day. For info on the event I will be part of please check the following link:

Hope to see you there.
Come one, come all to my little stall !!

Esoteric entrepreneur: the shop is now open!!!

As many might have already noticed, there is now a SHOP section in my blog (see tab above) where it is possible to find links to my new online shop for buying prints and postcards, as well as hand-embellished in acrylics prints. I am really excited about this new entrepreneur adventure, first time ever I am actually managing sales myself. Exciting times ahead.

I am always happy to talk about price options, size and material via email or social media.

Please get in touch directly to order bespoke aura painting

To purchase hand-embellished prints, prints and postcards:

Monday, 4 September 2017

Black Rose Weekend - The event

It was an absolutely pleasure to participate once again to the Black Rose Ball in York!

This year the Black Rose events spanned over several days, with a spellbinding concert in an historical building, an evening of gala at the masquerade ball, the bazaar during day time, and even a post-ball concert at a local music venue (not officially linked but still...). The event as a whole was a mesmerizing feast for the eyes and something to keep anyone entertained for the whole weekend. Judging from the range of people that attended, it is clear that the Black Rose has now become really well established in the local community with also a number of people travelling from quite far to participate.

Trading at the Black Rose Bazaar was simply amazing: not only I could sell prints and do aura painting, but it was a great opportunity to talk about my art with so many people. I really enjoyed the whole experience as a whole and it was a lot of fun!

My stall at the bazaar:

A selection of aura painting sketch portraits
done on the day:

Furthermore, the Bazaar plan positioned my stall exactly next to the tarot cards reader and medium Ray Bokor, so we two had our own little esoteric corner!! Ray is a very friendly chap, so in return for the chat and the company during the day, I did his aura portrait.

As in previous years, one of my hand-embellished prints was donated for the Ball tombola, since profits for that go to charity. I took a photo of the lucky winner (which was - by chance?? - one of the members of the committee!)

I would like to take this opportunity to express
my sincere gratitude to the Black Rose
for allowing me to be part of their wonderful event.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Black Rose Ball Weekend - York

As for some time now, this year too I will be participating to the Black Rose Ball Weekend. I am feeling sheepish at sharing the event poster since I am on it (modelling is definitely not my forte but I feel deeply humbled by the opportunity given to me to participate to this endeavor!!).

Really exciting, in this year event not only I will have an artwork out for grab for the event Tombola like in previous years, but I will also be one of the traders at the Black Rose Bazaar on Saturday 2 Sept 2017 10am-2pm, De Grey Room, York (UK)!! You will find me there selling prints, postcards, a selection of hand-embellished prints retouched in acrylics, and I will be doing some aura painting sketches on the day.

Long overdue it was really good fun designing new promo material, banner and leaflet, that explains what I do and what type of art and workshops I offer.

Below is a selection of the material that will be available for purchase at the Bazaar. Among the prints, it was really hard to choose which one to retouch, so I went for a selection that hopefully better showcases my work, ranging from Gothic style trees to more esoteric energy-inspired work. The hand-embellished prints are retouched in gold and silver acrylics and then coated with a sparkling effect, which is rather striking when hit by the light. 

Hand-embellished prints:

This is the hand-embellished print that I have created for the charity event Tombola. It is really big in size and super sparkly. If you attend the Ball, and if you are a lucky winner, it can be yours for as little as £1!

Hand-embellished print
for the Black Rose Ball Tombola:

Looking forward to be part of this event!
Come one, come all to the Ball!!