A blurb on what inspired me to create my artworks and aura painting

Sunday, 15 March 2015

New Aura Painting Series - CRUX (Sebastian)

At times in my work I stumble on very complicate energy patterns which are not always easy to capture on canvas. The portrait that I have done for Sebastian W. Suh, singer of the Korean band Crux, is undoubtedly one of these cases and, I can easily say, one of the most complex aura-inspired portraits I have created so far. Since the first time I had the opportunity to watch Sebastian performing on stage, what captured my attention was not the show itself by the complexity of the front-man's strong stage persona and energy. It is definitely him who makes watching Crux live a somehow futuristic experience (in additions to it his talent with languages allows him to easily interact with foreign fans so that everyone can follow what's happening on stage)

Photo by Simaris SJ

The vision that I had from Sebastian's unique energy is that of a time traveller who has lived a number of lives, witnessed past and present but comes from the dark atmospheres of a Blade Runner-esque metropolis of the future. I tried to find a photo from the film to illustrated the same vibes that I had and which I attempted to convey in my work. There is something dark and evil lingering in the shadow as well as some feeling of redemption.

For this reason, I created a lot of lines and circular shapes in the painting aiming to give the feeling of the inner working of mechanical clocks in continuous movement (like the time that never stops). The surface has been coated with a glossy paint so to give the idea of lights sparkling in the darkness. Unfortunately this effect does not come out on the photo below but has to be seen on the original work.

CRUX (Sebastian)
~ The time traveller from the future ~