A blurb on what inspired me to create my artworks and aura painting

Saturday, 30 August 2014

New aura painting: MIDIAN (태호)

Here it comes the third aura portrait part of the series for the Korean band MIDIAN! This time is the aura and energy's inspired painting of the drummer and leader of the band, Kim Taeho.

Drummers are those musicians who stay almost completely hidden by their instrument and are not as visible as those who perform right at the front stage and can easily interact with fans during live shows. Taeho is not only a strong and charismatic leader but also a very dedicated musician whose passion for music (and Midian) is undoubtedly so strong it really touches the heart of whoever get to know him.

Inspiration from the piece came from the extraordinarily warmth of the glow of the red autumn leaves visible in Korea. The latter season is in fact the favourite of many Koreans mostly because of the wonderful tints that surface in the natural landscape during the period. (For those who have never been to Korea in that season I would really recommend a visit!)


The glow of autumn leaves

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Successful aura painting delivery across the world!

One of the biggest pleasure for an artist is without a doubt the opportunity to witness a satisfied commissioner (or the person for whom the painting was commissioned) receiving the desired painting and to see their happy face the first time they can hold the artwork in their hands.

During my recent visit to Seoul it was an absolutely delight to meet once again Craig Grillanda, one of the professional boxers for whom I was asked to create the Boxing Club Aura Series, and, most importantly, to pass the original painting directly to him in person. Here it is a photo of the occasion!

Boxer Craig Grillanda with  his very own aura portrait

Craig also helped me to deliver the aura portrait of his fellow colleague in the boxing ring, professional boxer Taek Min Kim, whom unfortunately I was unable to meet during my last trip to Korea. As a way to express his thanks and contentment Taek Min kindly sent me a few snapshots of him happily holding the painting. In the one uploaded here I love the boxing ring appearing in the background as it somehow add a touch of authenticity to the whole Boxing Club Aura Series!

Boxer Taek Min Kim  his portrai

Sunday, 24 August 2014

New aura painting: MIDIAN (한울)

Second painting part of the series for the Korean band MIDIAN. The piece is the portrait of the charismatic band's bass guitarist Um Hanwool (엄한울).

In the painting I tried to replicate the feeling I had the first time I met the talented musician, that of the richness and warmth of the beautiful red, green and golden colours of an autumn forest at sunset. The finishing touch is unfortunately not showing in the digital format, but the original painting is extremely sparkling as I added an extra gloss coating with the aim to convey the feeling of the golden sunset sun rays coming through the tree leaves. With my delight I have found a photo in internet that may help to envision where the inspiration for the painting idea came from.

The autumn forest in the sunset light

Sunday, 17 August 2014

New Aura Series - MIDIAN (SIN)

It is always a pleasure to spend time in South Korea, a country with, without a doubt, I have been fallen madly in love. What made my last sojourn there even more enjoyable than usual was the fact that this time round not only I finally got to be fully introduced to the local Heavy Metal scene but I also became acquainted with several local bands.

One of these in particular, MIDIAN, caught my attention in full and bewitched me completely: in addition to the fact that their style of music and live performance match exactly my personal taste, the kindness demonstrated by the band members throughout my staying in Seoul was almost overwhelming: I got invited to see their rehearsals, album recording & mixing, and they made me feel welcome like I was a newly arrived band member.

As the band as a whole seemed to like my style of painting and appeared to be quite intrigued by the concept of aura painting, I left Korea with plans for future working collaborations such as a joint concert and art exhibition, promoter work and a full-house of aura painting commissions!

It is a total pleasure and humble honour to have the opportunity to repay such kindness with my art.
So here it comes the first of the paintings in the series, that of MIDIAN's vocalist, SIN.

His image and presence on (and off) stage is really remarkable, so I tried to capture his energy on canvas at my best. The feeling that I had was that of an impenetrable curtain made of a wall of thorns sparkling in the moonlight.

The wall of thorns

~ 미디안에게는 저랑 같이 재미 있게 많이 놀아줘서 아주 고마워요~