A blurb on what inspired me to create my artworks and aura painting

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Boxing Club Series ~ New painting!

Following my recent trip to Seoul and after a lot of time since my last painting of this series, here it comes my new work for a Korean Boxing Club!! The new work is for Kim Taek Min, a boxer that I recently met in Seoul during the 'Night with the Boxers' event (see previous blog entry for details).
The feeling I had was that of a dangerous wild animal hidden inside a dark cave and ready to strike at any time. I tried to replicate this in the energy pattern of the painting so to give the feeling of a very intricate forest with many hidden enemies. The surface of this piece is really sparkling, like menacing eyes would glow in the dark from the thick of the forest.

Hope you like it!

 Taek Min Kim - The dangerous forest

Kim Taek Min

Monday, 28 April 2014

Art and Korean Heavy Metal ~

One of my main passions and the primary inspiration for my art has always been music, primarily - but not only - Death/Doom and general Heavy Metal with all its possible sub-categories (too many to list them all). Music has always helps me to begin the creative process of my artistic creation as it enables me to conjure up images, colour schemes and motifs which I then transfer to canvas. When I paint, music is such a strong influence for me that it is almost inseparable from my art.

During my most recent visit to Seoul I was blessed with the opportunity to take a leap into the Korean Metal world. I attended a lot of gigs where I met many new and old friends.
It always amazes me to see how many people in the world share the same taste in music as I do, they love and breath Metal, and this despite different ethnic background, culture and language spoken.

In Seoul I had the most amazing time not only because Asian bands really know how to play well, but because everyone made me feel extremely welcomed in the local Heavy Metal community. I was so touched by the general kindness shown.

The two I feel I should thank the most are undoubtedly Mark Choi, Downhell and Au Revoir Michelle's singer, and Sukchan Yusepina Park (박석찬), one of the local promoters: both took really good care of me throughout my staying even though we had only briefly met before my arrival. Mark in particular, despite his busy schedule, not only spent time with me (and this despite my still very limited conversation skills in Korean!) and introduced me to friends and band members, but he also made sure that my name would magically appear in guest lists so to save me from spending money for concert tickets!!So, as it always happen, I came back from Korea truly inspired to paint. To express my thanks for his kindness and hospitality, I painted this piece for Mark (whose aura is extremely vibrant and colourful - probably because of his passion for music).

Down Hell - MC

친절하게 해 줘서 마크님에게 제가 아주 감사하다는 말을 하고 싶어요

Sunday, 27 April 2014

A night with the Boxers! ~ Talking about art and boxing

Earlier this month my friend Loren invited me to Gangnam in Seoul to attend an evening with some of the boxers for whom he commissioned my aura-inspired paintings a while back. During the evening they filmed a documentary on Korean, Japanese and international boxing with interviews of all the boxers. Although I was not really keen on being caught on camera, somehow I think I ended up being part of some of the filming...(gosh!). But I have to admit it was really interesting to listen to all of boxers' life stories and get to know how they started their career on the ring. 

Not only it was a great evening overall but I really enjoyed having the opportunity to finally get to know in person people for whom I created a painting that has since been replicated on their fighting gowns. Below is Jungsik and the portrait I did for him in 2012 (I was told that he actually lost the first fight fought wearing the robe with my portrait ~~ I felt a bit guilty about that!)

Additionally I had the pleasure to meet a few new boxers and ended up greeting goodbyes with a bunch of new commissions. So expect to see more paintings coming this way soon!!! I am so looking forward to paint more portraits...

~ Once again I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to my friend Loren for giving me an amazing opportunity as an artist and also for allowing me to be part of his boxing adventure. ~

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Aura Painting Workshop in Seoul - The event!

On Saturday 12 April 2014 at Jankura Artspace 잔쿠라 아트스페이스 in Seoul I had the pleasure to teach a workshop on Aura Painting to a full house of art students with an interest in the esoteric.

 In truth I could not have asked for more!!! As usual the support and encouragement offered by Mike Stewart, Jankura's owner and director, was amazing and I have to say, after several weeks in Korea, I did really appreciate his idea of having a style pre-workshop 'lunch meeting' at one of the British pubs down the road from Jankura! (wow, what can you find in Seoul, hum? Excellent Fish and Chips like in England!)

After setting up the room with candles and all what necessary to create the right atmosphere, the workshop started off with a presentation on 'Aura and Energy' and how to use these as a source of creative inspiration for painting. But it was when the actually painting started that the workshop really took off. Only at the very end we discussed results and the meaning of the colours so none of the participant felt restricted by the fear of using the wrong colour during the painting session and were able to express themselves freely and painted what they felt more appropriate.

During the two hours students produced a lot of art: first a portrait of their own inner energy and subsequently a portrait of the energy of another person in the same room. I have uploaded here a selection of some of the work produced during the day.

Many students decided to paint my very own aura!  It was very interesting for me to see myself through their eyes and artistic skills. I was truly touched and mesmerized by their effort. Here following are a couple of examples.

Overall, what an amazing day!!! I am looking forward to return to Seoul and hopefully teach another workshop on the same theme.

~ SEOUL wait for me, I will be back!!! ~

Friday, 4 April 2014

Aura Painting Workshop in Seoul, South Korea

Finally back in Seoul after several months!!!!
I am really happy that whilst in town I have been given the chance by Mike Stewart from Jankura Artspace to organise and lead an Aura Painting Workshop (아우라 그림 그리기 워크숍). This is the first time I am attempting to teach such workshop in Korea and I have to say I am pretty excited about this. The workshop will be on Saturday 12 April 2014 3:00-5:00pm. It will be a great opportunity for those with an interest in the esoteric world and portrait artists to meet and work together to explore an alternative way to create art.
~Hope to see you many of you there!!!~

For details on the workshop content, directions to Jankura and booking (pre-booking is essential as it seems to be really popular) please check click here.