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Monday, 10 April 2017

Aura painting updates: The never-ending spiral stairscase

After a very very long break which feels like a lifespan of waiting on my end, I am finally back in front of my canvas and ready to update my blog.

The piece I am writing about in this blog entry was actually created and successfully delivered to its owner several months ago, but sadly I did not have the opportunity to create any entry about it until now.  I have to see this piece was particularly challenging for me: not only because of its intricacy but also because it is always difficult to be commissioned a piece by someone you know well...However at the same time is truly rewarding to see that someone that knows you well admires your work and what you do and is happy to commission a bespoke piece!

This painting is inspired by a very dynamic and never resting energy, which I draw as an intricate labyrinth of very curvy staircases with no end and no beginning, almost like clouds connected by bridges.  The piece is finished with a super glossy coat and it is particularly sparkling, more than my normal style: I used lot of gold and glitter to enhance the daydreaming feeling, which I was trying to convey in my paining.

For the very first time it would be too difficult to find in internet an image exactly similar to the perception that I had in mine. I saw the commissioner's energy as a very intricate pattern to represent and as a result, I almost used up all the canvas space instead of leaving some empty towards the edges like I normally like to do! The spiral effect is also enhanced by the fact I thought to draw several layer of spirals with the hope to increase the 3D effect and depth and represent most accurately what I felt.
Below is a simple image from a spiral staircase (this is from Vatican City) which depicts best the type of vibes that came to my mind.

The best feeling was to see the happy face of the commissioner upon receiving the piece (so much so the person ended up buying other pieces from my collection!!!): so nice to see a satisfied customer!

Cathy - The never-ending spiral staircase