A blurb on what inspired me to create my artworks and aura painting

Aura Painting Workshops

~ I am a stronger believer that each person has the potential to perceive the link between spirituality and colours and use them in a creative way. ~

I generally offer two types of workshop, one focusing on ‘Aura reading and spiritual Energies’, the other aimed to explore in depth the 'Perception of emotions’.

Both workshops have an introductory part where the impact of spiritual energies or emotions in the creative artistic process is illustrated with examples. This is followed by a series of practical hands-on esoteric art-making activities: through bespoke tutor-led exercises, participants are able to enhance their perceptions of emotions and spiritual energies from the surroundings and use them as a source of inspiration to produce work of art. During the workshop they will be producing a series of portraits of their own inner energy and subsequently a portrait of another person’s energy. Through this they will deepen their understanding and perception of aura colours and energy shapes. 

Generally, each workshop will end with student-led activity where participants are invited to reflect on their creation and the connections between energy and art by describing their work to the rest of the group.