A blurb on what inspired me to create my artworks and aura painting

Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Phoenix - Araba Fenice

Whilst spending time in Italy aura painting at the Ferrara Buskers Festivals I was commissioned a couple of paintings by my friend Gaia for her restaurant-pizzeria Scaccianuvole, Ferrara, Italy.

The first painting is called The Phoenix as I wanted this to represent a great new beginning for Gaia's new thriving business. To the back of the painting I added a good luck spell which I hope will bring happiness and success to the business and, most important, to my friend. Still working on the second painting. Wait and see...

The Phoenix - L'Araba Fenice 

Gaia: io e la sorella ti siamo sempre vicine in spirito! (~mwahahhahah~)

SNR: a Saturday night of Renaissance Art in Seoul

A few weeks back I took part to this event organised by Mike Stewart from Jankura Artspace in Seoul, dedicated to Italian Renaissance Art. It was a real pleasure to be back at Jankura for this and Mike organised a great night which was very well attended!

Fist off we started with a drawing session with a model dressed like the Mona Lisa and posing as the Gioconda's painting (Mike painted a great background for it!!). The resemblance as a hole was truly uncanny!!!

Despite all the technical problems encountered with the setting up (a gigantic THANK YOU to James Greer for helping out on this), everything worked well in the end and the lecture on Italian Renaissance Art was very well received. My presentation caught a lot of interest from the crowd and we had an excellent Q&A session with lot of questions asked about the lives of Renaissance artists. I was truly impressed!!!

Whilst there I noticed that not only one of my paintings was still hanging on the wall of the art centre but one of my little sketches from the Hanbok (한복을 입은 여자) drawing session had been used by Mike in one of the advertising leaflets at Jankura!!!!!! I felt really flattered by that.

I would like to say thanks once again to Mike for organising the event and giving me the opportunity to talk about Art.
See you all again in Seoul!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Ferrara Buskers Festival: The Heroes

Upon my return to the UK and on the very eve of my departure for Korea I thought to post a final blog entry on the wonderful experience that Ferrara Buskers Festival has been. There are a few people that I would like to genuinely thank for all their help and support, my real personal heroes.

Photo by La Ste

First and foremost, the person who not only suggested me to participate to the festival but also came to the rescue by offering accommodation, food (best ice cream ever), table and all what necessary to make my stall looking dashing, my friend Gaia, owner of Pinguino Gelateria and Scaccianuvole pizzeria.

Gaia from Pinguino and Scaccianuvole.

Then my thanks go to the 'keepers of the table', Katia and Ivan from Creative LizArt, who kindly kept my table (actually Gaia's) each night allowing me to go back and forward with easiness.

Ivan from Creative LizArt

Katia from Creative LizArt

~~~   Grazie di cuore per tutto l'aiuto!!!!!!  ~~~