A blurb on what inspired me to create my artworks and aura painting

Aura Art

Over the last few years I have used my perception of people's energy and aura to create bespoke aura-inspired personalized portraits. To create my aura paintings I use acrylics on paper or canvas, according to commission and situation, but I usually finish off the piece with a glittering coat, with the hope to convey the idea of 'spiritual energy in movement'.

For information and details on single pieces please refer to individual entries on my blog.

Should you like to commission me an aura painting, please do get in touch via Facebook or Twitter @Cinziaxoxo.


Additionally I often participate to art festivals where I general do quick aura portraits sketched on paper (small or CD-case size). These are definitely less elaborate than the big pieces on canvas, this primarily depending on time restrictions, but even in small size I believe they are able to convey the general feeling of people's inner energy.