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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

New aura painting - Messgram (Jahnny)

From time to time in our life we are lucky enough to meet a person whose joy and general happiness is so contagious everyone can feel it without need for aura reading. The Korean band Messgram's talented and powerful singer Jahnny Shin is exactly one of those special people, those who are able to brighten up the spirit of whoever is in their proximity. In my last couple of times in Korea I had the opportunity to watch Jahnny performing on stage with his band and the luck to get to know him very well in person (thanks to peculiar circumstances that entangled us in a sort of, hum, war...질.두.질.두). 

Jahnny is the real mastermind behind Messgram's success, and whilst his showmanship is like no one when he is sharing the stage with the other Messgram's - ever so captivatingly beautiful - vocalist Gi Young (김지영), it is also true that in person Jahnny is more like the fire that keeps everyone warm in winter and the breeze that gives solace from the summer heat. His fierceness and dedication to fighting any battle (and I mean it) till the very end, is what gives his aura a special strength, fuelled by a mix of true leadership and happy companionship characteristics. 

The vision I have from Jahnny's aura is strangely not of a natural landscape but more on the line of a God-like extremely strong energy like that of Apollo's, the God of healing, truth and music,  the sun and light, the one that rides a four-horses chariot to move the sun across the sky for the benefit of others. 

For this reason, I tried to represent his aura on canvas by primarily working with shades of gold, red and black. The painting is extra glossy (unfortunately the effect does not come across in digital format) since it is aimed to mimic the effect of flames. I tried my best to convey a very dynamic feeling with a multitude of curves and spirals.

Jahnny - The fierceness of the Sun

To Jahnny: