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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Ferrara Buskers Festival - The End

After a long week of what feels like a series of never ending painting sessions here we approach the very last day of the festival. What a successful week this has been!!!!! I did countless paintings each night. I have to say that seeing such a growth in popularity of my aura painting among the festival-goers  was really satisfying. And my little stall was really cool in candle light ~~~

A few snapshots of a number of happy customers. I was actually impressed with how generous some of the people were with regard of payment for their portrait (there has been only a couple who left with their paintings without paying a penny tut tut ㅠ.ㅠ!!!!). I would like to sincerely say thanks to all of them for being so kind. Tonight is the last night...feeling exhausted but already a little sad. 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

SNR: Saturday Night Renaissance Art in Seoul

On Saturday 7th September I am going to give a lecture on the Italian Renaissance Art in Seoul at Jankura Art Space, Itaewon, Seoul. The lecture will be in English but I have added a lot of subs in Korean language. The event include a lot of cultural activities, a lectura, painting sessions as well as a party! 

If you like Italian Art, join the fun at Jankura ~~

Event Info: click here

Monday, 26 August 2013

Ferrara Buskers Festival - first day!

What a great day I had at Ferrara Buskers Festival! My stand looked really dashing thanks to all the help received from my friend Gaia (whom after today I am tempted to employ as my very own personal agent!!!) and I had many happy customers leaving with a little personalised aura portrait. All of them really liked the idea of having their name written in hangul embedded into the portrait ㅋㅋㅋLooking forward to go back to more painting sessions over the next few days.

Please come and see me at work at the Giardino delle Duchesse square.

More updates to follow ~~~

Photo by La Ste


Come one, come all to
my little AURA PAINTING shop!

 ~ 우리 아우라 그림 가게에 구경하러 오세요 ~

Ferrara Buskers Festival - The beginning

After a wonderful yet short time wandering around museums in Venice I have now arrived in Ferrara ready for the Buskers Festival ~ Really happy!!!! Registration went smoothly in the usual totally chilled out and (dis)organised yet super relaxed Italian style. There is something great about Italian festivals as everybody seem to be totally relaxed and just there for the sake of having a great time....

Really grateful to my friend Gaia who came with me and helped me to plan my little aura painting stall + table setting at the allocated festival area whilst commissioning me a painting or two for her restaurant!

Looking forward to start painting today and create as many individual aura portraits as I can...if you live close to Ferrara and plan to head to the festival, do not forget to come and see me working!!!! 

Come one, come all to the Ferrara Buskers festival!!!

Artists registration time!

My friend Gaia as a cello player Savonarola ~~~


My new business cards ready to be distributed at the festival!