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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Boxing Club Series - New Painting!

My new painting part of the Korean Boxing Club Series!
This new piece is the portrait of a Canadian boxer (but with Italian relatives and from my very own home-town Ferrara!), Craig Grillanda, currently fighting professionally in South Korea.

Inspiration for the painting comes from a peaceful weeping willow tree covered in beautiful white snow in a winter morning, the first image that came to my mind when I met Craig in Seoul back in April. I painted his name in the centre of the composition like if it was carved in the frozen tree. 
After completing the painting I tried to find an image in internet that could illustrate exactly what I had envisioned and really happy, I think I fond it! It is so rewarding to see how similar the feeling of the two images, the real willow and my painting, is. 

Hope you like it!

Craig - The Willow Tree in a Winter Morning

Craig Grillanda