A blurb on what inspired me to create my artworks and aura painting

Friday, 7 August 2015

New Korea experience and another Aura Painting (지수)

Every time I go to Korea it feels almost impossible to properly put down in words all the countless experiences and emotions I have with me upon returning home. After spending almost a month there, I came home this time, once again, with such an overload of good memories shared among people I met along the way, it feels almost overwarming to even think to write a blog entry about it. Out of all the people, more than ever before, this time I have to express my deepest gratitude to the Korean Symphonic Death Metal band Midian, who not only have named me their official European promoter but whose members have repeatedly make me feel welcome in their pack as a family member during my staying.

In return for all the kindness and good moments spent together (some of which definitely the highlights of my staying) I wanted to create a matching painting for 지수, Sin (Midian's talented vocalist and frontman)'s wife, as a long overdue wedding present for the couple. 지수 has been always an awesome friend from the very beginning, and language barriers never represented a problem thanks to her kind nature and predisposition to communicate in any possible way. In my painting I tried to give justice to her nice and bubbly personality as well as her great energy. I think the latter is so strong that everyone can feel it in her proximity. The painting is primarily in shades of red and pink and I tried with the energy patters to recall the vision I had of red Sakura (Japanese red cherry tree) flowers. I have added a photo below to give the idea of what came to my mind as an inspiration for the aura painting.

Colours and shapes in 지수's painting are also particular relevant in correlation to Sin's ones, (his painting was done previously as part of the Midian series) whose dominant colours are blue, black and silver. Not only Sin and 지수 seems to match perfectly in real life (in truth, if there was a couple that could well represent what love is all about that should be this one!) but also their two paintings seem to match really well together. I have uploaded here both, 지수 and Sin respectively, so everyone can see that at times, opposites can really be the best match.

지수 (The red cherry blossom)

 Sin (The wall of thorns)

~ 미디안 멤버들에게 항상 감사하고 싶었어요 ~