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Sunday, 16 October 2016

The Black Rose Ball 2016 (Vampires themed Gothic Ball in York)

It was a pleasure to return once again to the Black Rose Ball in York, surely one of the most amazing Gothic extravaganza masquerade events in the Goth Community (and non...) here in the UK. This year's event was themed Vampires, and for those who know me well, indeed really appropriate to my taste!

 ~ The Black Rose Ball organizing committee ~


All the profits from the ball goes to charity, so once again I wanted to contribute to the event's tombola by donating a small artwork (18"x 16"). I have to admit that I left the painting for this at the very last minute - actually it dried only a few hours before the ball! - the piece went down well with bidders, and with my delight it found the perfect owner, the couple Caroline and Cy Dudley, art collectors and organisers of art exhibitions here in Yorkshire. They said they will add my piece to their private art collection and I could not have asked for more!

~ The Tombola winners of my artwork ~

Additionally the Black Rose Ball will see me as a model for next year event's leaflet, website and promotion material - brand new experience which was very strange and intense for me, considering I am always enjoy working behind the scenes and never in the spotlight. I am currently authorised to release only a sneak preview of the set for next year's ball with a few snapshots I took during the shooting.