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Sunday, 16 October 2016

New series: Duality (Emptiness)

This is the first painting of my new series called Duality, a private collections of work dedicated to the complex nature of interactions between two parties. In any human relationship of whatever type- friendship, family, or love - there is always one side that gives and one that receives more. This is somehow a never-ending dance that changes according to situations, time, characters, needs of each party.

I wanted to represent on canvas the complexity of this fragile balance, the utmost factor that determines when relationships flourish and when they break into oblivion. For this I visualised a three aimed to symbolize the symbiotic nature of relationships, the balance of given and receiving, the fullness and the emptiness in it  (and the fullness of the emptiness at the same time).

One side of the tree is gold and one side is silver, duality between day and night, god and goddess, flesh and bones, fullness and emptiness, love and lack of love: both are somehow beautiful and important on its own right, but need each other to understand and fully appreciate their true nature. However we see it, the tree would not survive without this fragile balance, as there will not be any emptiness without fullness and vice versa.

I am in the midst of planning an art exhibition where this series will be exhibited. Hope you like this piece (and the others to come in the series!

The Duality Series (Emptiness)

~ Fullness is emptiness ~
 ~ Emptiness is fullness ~