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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

MIDIAN - More aura paintings - the complete series!

I have met a countless number of bands in my life, some proved to be really wonderful people, others perhaps not as inspiring as their music, thus unfortunately a bit of a disappointment. If for some bands music is just a business and they can simply change their line-up as easy as a company would go through different employees, for others the band is perceived more like a family and not simply a bunch of talented people playing music together. The Korean band Midian is definitely part of the latter type, with its members living and breathing the band's music to the fullest but also taking care of each others like only a family would do.

And as it can happen to the best families, when some members might have to go separate ways and new ones are welcomed into the nest, so Midian have recently been through a big line-up change: they acquired three new members who not only jumped into the Midian family bandwagon fully, but also complimented it to perfection.  Since I had previously created an Aura Series dedicated to all the members, upon being introduced to the new line-up it felt quite appropriate to complete my series with additional three new paintings. 

This time the first member I painted was the guitarist J (재학) whose aura is a burst of energy sprinkled in candy-floss kindness. 

The colours scheme used for this painting is based on the perception I had upon encountering J, similar to the image of flowering prunes in a beautiful sunny morning spring, moved by a light breeze and blessed by the relaxing calm natural sound of a stream and the chirping of birds. This is the best way I would describe J's aura and the vibes that it gives to whoever is in his proximity.

J (재학) -  The Plum Tree in full bloom


The other newly acquired guitarist in the band is Namwoo (남우), whose personality and aura are one of the strongest and solid I ever encountered. Whoever gets to met meet this talented musician is easily captured by his solar disposition, friendliness and cheerfulness, which are also perceived as a strong and magnetic charisma on stage.
The vision that came to my mind when trying to capture such energy on canvas was that of a beautiful sun-kissed multicoloured sea landscape covered in a million of mixed seaside plants, on a cliff edge.
It was not easy to find online something that even came closer to the idea that popped to my mind, but I tried my best to find the most similar image. The painting is actually super sparkling, coated with extra glossy painting to give the same perception leaves that are reflecting the sunlight would do.

Namwoo (남우) - The sunny seaside garden 


Last but definitely not least is the permanent keyboards player, Sangkun (상건), one of the pillars and reference points for the the band with his strong yet extremely calm personality and aura.
There is somehow a mysterious dark vibe coming from his aura, as well as an aristocratic feeling of intricate patterns, like that of a coral barrier or underwater landscape reflecting on the surface of the seawater.
The picture in my mind is that of the seaside basking in the moonlight, with the ongoing appearance and disappearance of silver stripes caused by the moonlit and the movement of waves. I tried to convey the same feeling in my painting, by creating a complex patter in silver and white. I added a glossy effect to enhance the idea of water reflection, which is particular evident when seeing the painting from different point of views.

Sangkun (상건) - The mysterious moonlight sea


The variety and complexity of the energies of all the newly acquired members of Midian comes across rather well when seeing all the paintings side by side.

From the bottom of my heart I genuinely wish that this new Midian will reach even more success than ever before and most important, all the recognition that they truly deserve for being such a special musical family.

~ 미디안 항상 화이팅 ~